Affordable Studio & Service Apartments For Rent In Bangalore

No doubt about it, the cost of living is rising, while for many of us, our income does not. With the cost of fuel, electricity and food rising, many of us are strapped! So is there such a thing as affordable service apartments for rent in Bangalore? In years past, almost all apartments were affordable. Not any more. There are ways you can get the best value for your money, and you need to think about a few things before getting out there to look. If you do your homework, you just may find affordable apartments for rent in Marathahalli or Whitefield or Sarjapur road.

The first detail you need to establish is how much you can afford to pay for house rent in Bangalore. It’s not wise to max yourself out here. You want to leave a little room for emergencies. If you become ill or unemployed, you’ll need a little cushion in the savings account too. Once you’ve decided what you want to pay, make your choices among apartments or flats in that price range.

You’ll next need to decide how much space you need. If you’re single, then studio apartments for rent in Bangalore will be the most suitable option for you. For the same amount of money, a studio will probably be in a better neighborhood such as Indiranagar, BTM layout or have nicer amenities than a one bedroom. After all, square footage is one of the factors in price. If you’re a larger family and need three bedrooms, your budget will be adjusted accordingly.

You must also decide on the place where you want to get house for rent in Bangalore. For example, if you work in IT industry and you are in a software related profession then it will be easy for you to commute to your job daily if you rent out near such places. In Bangalore, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Bellandur, electronic city are the places where majority of the software companies are located. So if you can get service apartments in Marathahalli for rent it will be good for you.

We have observed that many graduates from all across India come to Bangalore in search of software jobs, and individually renting out houses tends to be very costly for them. Hence they search for fully furnished apartments for rent in Bangalore, this way 3 or 4 guys can stay together in a 3 bhk flat by sharing 1 bed room each and also avail all the facilities. When we say fully furnished it basically includes a bed and cupboard in each room, a fridge & furnished cabinets with utensils in kitchen, a washing machine & television. On top of that nowadays landlords are offering free internet data connections just to woo such kind of IT people.

There are always trade offs in a search for affordable apartments to rent. If you’re new to the area, you’ll want to make a point of familiarizing yourself with districts and neighborhoods and find the areas where you’d like to live. The nicer the neighborhood, chances are that you’ll be able to afford less space. So you must also think carefully about how important space is to you in your particular situation.

If you coming for a business trip from different city then instead of booking an costly hotel you can always book service apartments in Bangalore for a day or two. Even if you think of booking or renting it for a month it will be considerably cheaper to you when compared to big 5, 4 or 3 star hotels. In places such as Bellandur, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Indiranagar people are easily renting out such houses for a day or two. They provide breakfast, lunch & dinner with all other amenities. It not only saves you money but also the time in searching out for affordable hotels.

Consider the conveniences you’d like as well. For example, do you need to have laundry facilities because you just hate going to the laundromat? Do you prefer locked security parking for safety? Do you want a view? Do you want a fireplace? All of these matter in varying degrees to different people. Decide which conveniences you must have, or at least are willing to pay for in rent. Affordable apartments for rent don’t grow on trees, but if you establish your price, space required to make you happy and comfortable, locations you like and conveniences you can’t do without, you’ll have narrowed the field considerably. You can then focus your search within that criteria.

So if you consider all these factors before beginning your search for service apartments in Bangalore for rent, you’ll probably be successful, at least relatively speaking. Don’t forget, before you sign an agreement, read it carefully to be sure all points are understood and in writing.

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