If you are searching for apartments for rent in Bangalore, a diverse range is available and costs would depend on various factors. Locations, built up area, number of bedrooms & bathrooms and additional facilities like furnishing would decide how much deposit you pay and the rent for each month. Rent or lease agreements would put everything in black and white, indicating the terms and conditions for both parties.

Since apartments in south Bangalore could cost the sky, living in peripheral areas and the suburbs would be quite realistic in terms of costs. Besides, you are far from the maddening hustle and bustle with so much less pollution in a world that does feel like home. The heart and mind are at peace and you hear birds chirp while the soul is at rest.

Flats for rent in Bangalore with newly sprouted massive blocks like Puravankara do take the cake with enough and more demand; many of them well heeled pensioners who decided to opt for the Bangalore ambience. Besides, the global IT industry is responsible for escalating costs fuelled by mighty demand from highly paid workers employed by multinationals like IBM and Accenture, to name some. Likewise, the costs of apartments for rent in Bangalore also show surging prices with a large workforce entering the city on a daily basis. Many are in love with the cool climate but other factors do count like the cosmopolitanism and the peculiar charm that the once garden city still holds along with great sightseeing adventures. Parks, gardens and lakes are everywhere though receding in the face of concrete.

apartments for rent in Bangalore

Apartments for Rent In Bangalore

In Dollars Colony in North Bangalore, a 1,725 square feet 3 BHK apartment for rent in Bangalore with 2 bathrooms and a balcony is offered at Rs. 30,000 monthly rent. The apartment is vastu compliant and is semi-furnished with tiled flooring. That represents the sort of rent you would expect to pay in standard residences that you would love to reside in. To some extent, the rents may vary depending upon areas and the quality and materials of construction. Fully Furnished Apartments for rent in Bangalore which contain geysers and modular kitchens would certainly cost so much more. On the other hand the smaller apartments of around 700 or 800 square feet would cost much lesser. The immense range does make it difficult to choose and we are all in love with the cute and cuddly apartments that we would love to call home even for a brief period of a few months or years.

For instance, the similar kind of apartment for rent in Bangalore in the same locality is offered at a prince of Rs. 1 Lakh rent. What are the features? The palatial 3 BHK apartments for rent of 2,800 square feet with 4 bathrooms and 1 servant room is located on the first floor. Other perks in the building are the lift, car park, security, private garden, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, club etc..

In any case, community living at such complexes which provides apartments for rent in Bangalore would be a mind blowing experience in spite of the difficulties of lifts and escalators if you resided on the twentieth floor for instance. The greatest advantage is the security provided and the feel good factor. You do feel on top of the world. In a little pretty universe, the shared facilities like swimming pools and gymnasium become so much more affordable. If you always lived in independent homes, cute surprises wait in the apartment life.

In Jallahalli in the fast developing suburbs to the north, rentals are somewhat similar like at Prestige Kensington Gardens that offers 3 BHK apartments for rent in Bangalore for Rs. 23,000 a month. The area is 1938 square feet and semi-furnished with a complete range of wood works like wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

In comparison, a 2BHK apartment for rent in Bangalore at the same locality in Soundarya Gardenia comes for Rs. 36,111. The apartment offers 24 hours water supply with power backup, security and shopping mall but the advertisement mentions lease agreement. Lease agreements do offer advantages of avoiding that irritating monthly payment for the apartments for rent in Bangalore. It is true that you deposit a large quantity of cash with uncertainty of repayment at the end of the stay but indirectly you pay less on a monthly installment if you consider the dwindling interest rates offered by banks.

2 BHK apartments for rent in Bangalore should be more affordable of course. Such as the one in Bannerghatta Road that is peripheral and quite a drive from the city centre. The area is 1,220 square feet and promises ample water supply and good ventilation that is offered at Rs. 15,000. On the other hand, a fully furnished 3 BHK apartment for rent in the same locality with a similar area is offered at Rs. 25,000. What makes the difference? You have the AC, television, cots, fridge and geyser!

1 BHK apartments for rent in Bangalore may be charged for perhaps Rs 13,000 a month. In HSR Layout, another prime suburb, the 700 square feet semi-furnished apartment for rent promises all the common amenities with good ventilation.

In Anekal in South Bangalore, a 1 BHK apartment for rent of 456 square feet is available at Rs 7000 a month. The apartment is located on the first of seven floors and has a single bedroom and a single bathroom that would suit a small family.

With populations reaching the sky in cities across the world, it is only natural that residences shoot upwards in mighty conglomerations and offer the best luxury apartments for rent in Bangalore for community living. The advantages are the shared facilities like security, swimming pool, gymnasium, medical and so much more. Bangalore in recent years has become a copy of Mumbai in the extent of apartment complexes starting from the affordable to the super luxury segments.

The gentle garden like ambience of once upon a time in Bangalore has now given way to the numerous shopping malls, the pubs, cabs and the metro. The global city races at full throttle all through the day in a maze of Information Technology that is slowly reaching saturation point but yet extending to the new campus at Devanahalli. Here you might get affordable apartments for rent in Bangalore easily. Visitors constantly flock into this mega city in search of work and sightseeing pleasures while a few indulge in the dubious activities that go on late into the night.

Whether through real estate agents in person or through online approaches, care is needed for real estate dealings. A physical inspection is compulsory and legal agreements made usually for a year. A deposit of maybe 10 months’ rent is usually asked for and given that records the liabilities with witness signatures. The agent gets a month’s rent as commission from both parties for dealing such luxury apartments for rent in Bangalore south.

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