Are You Interested In Purchasing a Housing Plot?

Purchanse Housing Plot In the crime filled scenario of big cities, it would require some guts to contemplate the purchase of a housing plot! How familiar are you with some of the following terms? Have you even heard of them? The list is rather complex and some are 7/12w document, Title Deed, Sale Deed, Stamp Duty Document, Encumbrance […] Continue reading →

Growth In Real Estate Business

Real Estate The global scenario for real estate business is improving everyday. People are investing and getting high returns in this field. High value projects are being started everyday. Contributing over 8% to the GDP of India, real estate is been the most promising business fields in the past decades. With changing economics of India this trend […] Continue reading →

Rental Agreements & Rental Agreement Format

Rental Agreement Despite all of the warnings I have ever gotten, it seems that I have trouble time and time again with rental agreements. Perhaps it is just the people I choose to rent from, but it seems that every time I move out and in to a new place I get a whole new set of […] Continue reading →

Buy House In Bangalore

Buy House In Bangalore I lived for a very long time in a beautiful house with my husband and children. Then, my children grew up and got homes of their own, and my husband passed away. I’m getting older myself, and I know that I’m having a harder time walking up the stairs. That’s why I chose to sell […] Continue reading →

Fully Furnished Apartments For Rent In Bangalore!

fully furnished apartments for rent in bangalore Are you looking out for fully furnished apartments for rent in Bangalore ? Moving into your first rental place is a very exciting time in your life. While many people choose to move into small apartments others look at 1 bhk for rent in Bangalore. There are many benefits for choosing the house but there […] Continue reading →