Hm Groups: We Have Usually Been In Bangalore Since June 09 And Paying Rent Each Month Plus Interest On Loan

HM constructions I have added myself as Bakra.

I in addition sent an email to Honourable Member of Parliament, Bangalore North to make people cause like us a bring about strong legislations to prevent people from getting cheated.

Email circulated among our buddies and mates of acquaintances will ensure that HM Group will not be able to make an apartment and cheat people once more. I have given up on them. Nevertheless, I am purchasing a smaller flat on Sarjapur road and moving in this month end. People who was duped by HM Groups should come gether and start a forum to educate prospective buyers. I am sick and tired and given up waiting for an apartment that will get for ever to complete. I swear on GOD that they will do whatever I usually can to educate people about the truth behind HM Constructions. Larger number of us work in IT entrepreneurs who have been these big buyers apartements. These people have always been dirty bastards. Previous year they said they will give possession in JanWe usually were in bangalore since June 09 and paying rent nearly any month plus interest on Loan. On p of that, we were out of bangalore for a year and thought will get it when we come back to bangalore.

HM constructions Saw site past week and still dont think it may be prepared for possession next month.

We booked flat two years back.

Whenever we move to site their standard a decision is possession might be end of next month. They under no circumstances even sound apologetic for delay. One week back brothers. Nonetheless, hM symphony near sarjapur road. Known day I spoke to cusstomer care of HM symphoney. I’m sure you heard about this. We are always planning to acquire but not getting full informatiom about this project. Consequently, please tell me approx how much it will cost for 2BHK and 3BHK with area. I am fed up requesting people to come and discuss our issue with HM, noone is bothers, that give a clear message to Builder, people are not bothered, they do way they look for. Now look. People have probably been equally responisible for this to allow. Basically, when we call for meeting to go united against builder/ director, I am one customer, hardly people trun up, and they complain later. Now pay attention please. Blame Half has to come to customer who booked flat. Let me tell you something.

IN Symphony, hardly any one come for meeting with Director, they just sedn mail and advises.

HM constructions HM Group have constructed lots of apartment complexes.

Be careful with them, if you need peace of mind.

You could see related experience from people who booked apartment from their various different projects. Obviously, amongst the fundamental issue with them is for a while delay in project completion. They in no circumstances gave promised amenities and now we do not see when they will provide all of them. They will promise lots of things but in no circumstances bother to respect their promises. Needless to say, the promised a large club house and ok money from all of us. When you made full payment, they will treat the clients rather unprofessionally and Unethically. I have booked one apartment in HM Worldcity and there was delay of two years in registering the apartment.

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