Learn To Decorate Your Home In Economical Ways

One would expect to spend a fortune on adornment after all the years you waited to own that fabulous home! You have only now started believing that dreams can translate into reality. Sure, every project did begin with that tiny spark, idea or intention. Much would depend on the tastes of the particular family and the layout of the home. The dimensions and exterior available spaces and the presence of a terrace would change the scenario too. However, let us concentrate on a few essentials that would apply to almost every residence.

The stifling nature of modern apartment life in teeming cities makes it compulsory to have potted plants scattered everywhere. Few can afford a garden and certainly not the apartments with birds’ eye views far above! Carry the unique freshness of nature, whether it is rare orchids or ferns, roses and croutons, right indoors but you need to expose them to bask in the sun during weekends. Sunshine may be a scarce commodity too.

Art works, paintings and photographs, the larger the better, could fill up the otherwise drab walls and bring the largeness of life into your daily routine. Let the photographs concern family scenes like an album on the walls. Works of art like sculpture and dainty vases or sandalwood and rosewood creations would suit the larger residences. Where will you put them? The living room would be appropriate where visitors can appreciate them.

Home Decoration

Home Decoration

A lot of people have problems with colours of walls, furniture, curtains and cushion covers. Do they all need to match? Not really, maybe matching partially. Contrasting colors in fact provide the dramatic effect like doors and windows painted white. Nothing wrong with bright colors unless the family likes subdued pastels for the calming effect!

Every room with the same color splashed on the walls need not be practised. You could opt for changes in the color combinations across the rooms and even opt for a single wall of a bright color. A single orange wall maybe in the living room would stand out next to the lemon on the remaining walls and the white ceiling. Let the kids’ room contain a frenzy of colors while the bedroom could be a sober blue.

Most television sets, home theatres and computers come in black or gray cabinets and would need some bright colors to uplift moods. Dark furniture in black and brown are rather common too and you certainly need brightly colored cushions and curtains to offset the drabness.

The trick is to combine utility with beauty. Storage spaces are common across the household. Find ways to paint or design the containers attractively. It need not be stark white alone but you can have designs painted, even decals on the walls that can be shifted around too. Storage space under the bed and on wall shelves goes a long way to reduce the burden.

In the first place, you need to de-clutter the residence that means rejecting a lot of useless stuff with all the memories. They could be donated or sold to scrap dealers. The exercise makes a difference to the mood and revives fresh ideas. Avoid hanging on to the past and experiment with what is new.

If you find yourself getting bored, simply shifting furniture around brings fresh perspectives while ideas are getting into the head. A new home certainly requires fresh purchases. Let the new furniture match the available space according to preferred designs and lifestyles. If it is cane, wood furniture or metal sofas, the choice is all yours. Talk it over about warranties and guarantees though.

You would certainly invest less in a rented home but you need to ensure a pleasant life with happy memories to carry into the future. If it is your own dear property, you would probably undertake the painting job every ten years. You could opt for a somewhat different color scheme though the essentials would remain the same. Instead of a drastic change, finer adjustments to the color shades of walls and windows, doors would not pinch the pocket.

The play of light and shade both with natural light in the day and concealed lighting at night would create an ambience. Go for some of the new techniques like LED bulbs and decorative subdued lighting in the corners. Old furniture may be refurbished too to look like sentimental period pieces. Wood never fades. Floating shelves would accommodate a little arty world!

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