Old Age Homes In Bangalore – Spend Your Golden Years Amicably

Since old age is inevitable, let the sunset years be rather spent in peaceful and lush Bangalore! The greenery, the ambiance and the calm local culture besides the overwhelming cosmopolitan flavor ensures a fulfilling existence during the graying years. The modern urban culture often prevents young professionals from caring for aged parents in the race to the top. Why not then avail of the sumptuous facilities offered by old age homes in Bangalore? Suvidha Retirement Village on the periphery of the city contains 180 cottages amidst nature away from city woes. You have ready access to food and accommodation, medical attention and entertainment to keep spirits alive at reasonable expense even while the sun is setting.
We may have much to complain about the breakdown of joint families and the aged left to fend for themselves. Yet the fact remains that society today is far more affluent. Everybody makes an attempt within the means to save for the distant old age expenses when incomes would be limited. Wealthy professionals should consider it a moral duty to support the infirm parents in old age.

Old Age Homes In Bangalore

Old Age Homes in BangaloreWhen we consider the all important aspect of costs and the facilities offered, it is heartening to note that several homes offer free food and accommodation for the homeless. While many would exploit such resources, it is hoped that help does reach the genuine sufferers in the concrete jungles. On the other hand, we do hear of homes where you register and wait for long for an opportunity to join and then pay hefty fees.

Do you pity them? Of course we all do but old age is an inevitable part of life just like death is. All we can pray for is a comfortable old age and a painless death without suffering, surrounded by caring family members.

Why is it that Bangalore has such an extensive list of old age homes all over the city? Some were built for certain religious groups, others are basically free, and some charge reasonable monthly fees while a few seem to be for the rich! The truth is that while India has the youngest population in the world, 15% of the Bangalore population falls into the senior citizens bracket. Certain localities like Vidyaranyapura have a majority of lonely graying populations while the children are busy making money in foreign locations, neglecting filial duties. Let the aged population make the best of a bad bargain and perhaps no better surrounding exists than the peaceful suburbs of garden city Bangalore.

Physical fitness is insisted upon for admission to many of the homes like the free Belaku Vriddhashrama that is meant for women of 65 and older. Some homes have both the free category for destitutes and charged facilities too. While some homes welcome both the sexes, a few are meant exclusively for women, a wise arrangement when nobody seems to be safe in today’s society, neither the youngsters nor the aged. Some mention age of entry as 55 years or 60 or 65 while a few mention that the aspirants should be physically fit. While we understand the intended meaning, how fit can the old really be?

Does your family situation really require you to live in an old age home? Make the decision after careful consideration and prolonged discussions with family, relatives and friends. If you are unfortunate to be amongst the aged community looking for a home, researching would help. Getting registered at the earliest and waiting for your turn would be top priority. Next you need to consider the financial scenario and some legality may be involved. The survey of old age homes may take a while, leading to a crucial decision. Recommendations of people who actually lived out there may impart confidence.

You need to visit a few homes personally to make sure that the conditions suit you. What are the arrangements for food and security? What are the rules like for visitors? Take great care of your valuables and ensure that safe keeping facilities are available. Food and medical care do figure high on the list of priorities. You need to be very clear about the system of payments and keep all receipts carefully under lock and key.

Searching nowadays has got so much simplified with the internet at the click of a button. Area wise, you could examine the lists of age old homes in the different zones of the city according to personal needs. The sedate and comparatively crime free areas like Malleswaram perhaps as an example would be more conducive to such an existence. For those who are willing, getting away from the city environs may be fulfilling like ShanthiDham Foundation, a charged old age home on the 23rd kilometer of Kanakapura Road meant for the physically fit above 60 years. Perhaps living amidst nature and greenery in the silence of the remote areas would revive the soul and bring meaning to the final years of existence.

Yet some seem to be comfortable to live in the heart of the city that is a question of upbringing and orientation. The pollution, noise and tensions of the city center are best avoided at an age when you need to be introspective and connect with people of your own age. Yet communication and entertainment facilities are necessary too and would keep you going. The daily media has enough action to motivate thoughts and emotions. As long as physical fitness remains, life should move smoothly anywhere.

Free Old Age Homes In Bangalore

Those who seek for the free facility may find it more difficult to find a suitable home for destitutes though several of them exist like Aid the Aged in J.P. Nagar. Those who are physically dependent upon personal assistance or medications and gadgets to keep them going would find things difficult too. Such a liability would require greater expense like hiring a nurse. Medical insurance of course would then come to the rescue. Karunaamrutha nava chaithanya is an home for aged & disabled offering many free services for elderly people.

Basera Old Age Home is meant for physically fit Muslim women only while Eventide Home Association caters to Anglo-Indians and Protestants. Most homes may not have religious dimensions but politics may exist below the surface. Make sure the atmosphere is conducive to spending 24 hours of the day and night. Nightingales Elders in Enrichment Center, Malleswaram, run by an NGO does not charge for services. Ragvendra Vrudhashram on Kumara Krupa Road and Stephens Home for the Aged near Richards Town are also free facilities, gifts of god.