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Prestige MelbrookThe Prestige Group owes its origin to Mr.

Prestige Court on Road in Bangalore set pace for the Group’s rapid growth which now stands at around 183 Completed Projects spanning a total developed area of around 6008 million sft. Which comprise Apartment Shopping Malls, Enclaves or Corporate Structures, spread across all asset classes. On top of that, whenever helping shape the skyline across Leisure, Residential, Retail as good as Commercial Hospitality sectors, since its formation in 1986, prestige Estates Projects has grown swiftly to turned out to be one of uth India’s leading Property Developers. Razack Sattar, who envisioned a success story waiting to make shape in the Retail Business in 1956 itself., without a doubt, it has another 59 ongoing projects comprising around 6010 million sqft and 29 upcoming projects totaling 3095 million sft.

Prestige Melbrook

Prestige Constructions, a ISO 90012000 certified company has been solely Real Estate Developer in Bangalore to have won reputed FIABCI Award for its software and residential facilities. Prestige was the other day awarded the Crisil DA1 Developer Rating in quality recognition of their projects and ability to deliver completed projects in a timely manner, making them the ONLY Property Developer across India to have got this distinction. Tonight, Prestige stands as a giant and with aggressive growth plans across Hospitality, Retail, Residential or Commercial Sectors in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Goa, lies a bright future ahead!

Prestige MelbrookPrestige Court on Road in Bangalore set the pace for the Group’s rapid growth which now stands at around 183 Completed Projects spanning a total developed area of 6008 million sft.

Currently, Prestige stands as a giant and with aggressive growth plans across Retail, the Residential, Hospitality or Commercial Sectors in Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Hyderabad and Goa, lies a bright future ahead! Which involve Apartment Enclaves, Corporate and as well Shopping Malls Structures, spread across all asset classes. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar, this is the case right?|Sounds familiar, am I correct?|doesn’t it, this is the case right? it has another 59 ongoing projects comprising around 6010 million sqft and 29 upcoming projects totaling 3095 million sft.

The Prestige Group owes its origin to Mr. This night the 90km ride to Tapawera is more forgiving so very well planning Virginia and Tony they say. Anyhow, they do all planning and they do what I’m better at… getting word out there and making all the fundraising approaches plus write weekly blog. Razack Sattar, who envisioned a success story waiting to get shape in Retail Business in 1956 itself. While helping shape the skyline across Retail, the Residential, Leisure and Commercial Hospitality sectors, since its formation in 1986, prestige Estates Projects has grown swiftly to happen to be one of uth India’s leading Property Developers.

Thanks once again to all people making those good donations, around 50000 in ticket sales for the Prime Minister hosted dinner so we’re north of and cash to the cause. Home for a little Pinot Noir then into bed by 00am for another huge day this evening. Jude is a regional and was able to give Virginia and Denise some valuable information about tomorrows ride to Spring Junction, thatthatthatthatthatthat helps highly in our preparations and realising where better to stop for breaks.

Were making perfectly well progress, we set off on the bikes at 25am and stopped for our first rest at the 20km mark at 1040am.

Back on our bike for a rapid 4km descent through bush prior to exiting left onto highway 65 and when we stopped for a five minute rest 16km down the road we had completed 20km in a hour. For instance, west Bank road and followed river for 14km on largely flat gravel surface then re crossed the river and joined up with the highway for a 2km ride into Springs Junction. Virtually, maruia Saddle -7km ascent, first kilometre was reasonably steep but ridable and remaining 6km to the top possibly circa 15 continuous degrees elevation. We met up with Rene and Denise at the top and enjoyed our delicious sandwiches with a baked ginger kiss and rested for 30 minutes, the bush was both magnificent and serene.

Our ride was not necessarily complete… we turned left towards Lewis Pass for 3km preparatory to arriving at our accommodation for the night and fairly frankly we were absolutely stuffed, all of us.

Reefton followed by 57km to Blackball, our accommodation… Blackball Hilton, most appropriate given it is Virginia’s and my 42nd Wedding Anniversary. Definitely, accumulation of four weeks riding and the big temperatures were taking their toll, although nowadays ride of 83km was the shortest so far. After a shower and settling in we drove to a nearest rather warm springs to elevate our recovery.

Rene and Denise had been shopping earlier in day and prepared a delicious steak, corn on cob and fresh salad dinner back at our motel. The food was fabulous in its freshness, diversity or quality, we took well and their freshly baked warm Cross buns were bloody delicious. Big tremendous effort, day and by now we see we will do this big challenge! Mostly, the highway mostly wound its way through forest so it was a stunning cool, ride and in addition serene except for irregular traffic. Besides, whenever averaging circa 30km nearly through to Reefton, what a brilliant descent that went for ages and we reached speeds around 55km at times. No sooner than you turn onto highway road begins to climb and it did so for around 7km. There has been little respite during climb but we’re riding into fitness and rode all the way to the summit at 696m where we stopped for a shorter rest and re fuel prior to beginning our descent. You will find some more information about it on this site. Reefton stopping at a nearest café for lunch. Of course it was spectacular sitting on our deck relishing dinner accompanied by Mt Edward Pinot Noir with a spectacular vista down valley beneath a stunning setting sun. Notice that springs Junction then left on highway seven to Reefton 44km down the road.

Back on bikes Virginia stopped at the neighboring lotto shop as she was feeling lucky now, therefore we headed south for Ikamatua 30km down road. Riding out of town Virginia spotted a sheep way over in the paddock that was cast in a dry drain and yelled for Tony and me to stop. Mostly, once we crested the hill downhill run was electric and Virginia set the speed record so far at 60km per hour., we had solely reached end of the straight the end when for a while rise in road and with 59km to Blackball we were thinking this was could be bigger than Texas for us oldies. Ultimately, she was over that barbed wire fence in a flash and running across the paddock with me in rather warm pursuit while Tony minded bikes. It trotted off to catch up with the flock in the next paddock and we resumed our ride. It had been there for a couple of hours, she had the bad fellow rolled over and on its feet in a flash and it at the beginning walked like a drunken sailor.

We covered the 30km to Ikamatua in smooth time and were averaging 27km on the largely flat roads with a highly slight breeze on our backs. Making around 20km per hour with less decent road conditions we were still on track to reach our destination circa 45pm. We turned right onto a secondary sealed highway for a 32km run into Blackball, once there. It is that was until we passed the Pike River Mine Memorial site so stopped for 15minutes and walked through it and study messages all for each of the 29 guys and girls lost in the disaster. When we made turn off the road for our last 5k run into to Blackball to our hotel guess what we encountered… one final hill and rather steep it was. After paying our respects we were back riding with 17km to go. Nevertheless, it’s a good memorial that puts the average modern Zealander in touch with real people and tragedy of the disaster the tragedy. Notice, it did with a terrific descent that had me matching Virginias 60km per hour big for the tour so far, no walking for us and where it goes up it inevitably comes down. On top of this, well wouldn’t you understand it… less than 10km from the stop line we encountered a series of quite steep inclines in road that of course tested us coming towards end of an enormous day. We beat it and as we rode up the way there was Rene and Denise outside our hotel on the road loudly pumping his air horn and welcoming us to complete line with a group of other hotel guests cheering us on.

The rain was hosing down so our rain coats supplied by Avanti Plus were a welcome addition to our riding wardrobe. Riding down through the town to road was all downhill, a good way to ease ourselves into day. Oh oh! Essentially, by the time we reached top we were well warmed up so it was a blessing in disguise. Now pay attention please. The ride to Greymouth was on tar seal and mainly flat but with a couple of pretty decent climbs. Immediately after turning right onto fundamental highway we hit our first hill. It had rained all way, temperature had dropped and a strengthening northerly all combined to make conditions a little tougher.

Crossing the bridge over the Grey river into Greymouth they snapped a picture of Tony and Virginia with town and the harbour bar at their backs, thatthatthatthatthatthat captured volatility of day the volatility quite well.

We stopped usually once, at a suspension bridge and apropos the heavy last rainfall 18 hours river was big and mighty. Therefore the cycle track runs parallel to key highway south with ocean on our right so we could see the wild west nature coast on an inclement day, stretching down the coast further than eye could see. Have you heard of something like that before, this is the case right? Virginia set a cracking pace and had us averaging 25km per hour. In merely 55 minutes we were at the 20km mark where we turned inland to Kumara via a purpose built off road cycle track traversing bush that would make final 10km of our journey. The 30km second leg to Kumara took us around the inner harbour and back into teeth of bustling teeth northerly wind that was predicted to strengthen to gale force as day wore on. Back on bikes but this time wearing our arm warmers to ward off cooler wind. You see, her first priority was to give Virginia for NZ Hospices, they had come across to make a donation… for awhileer had any apprehension about making such climbs and we rode up it quite solid. We arrived at Whataroa stopping off at the neighboring café for lunch.

We made good time and passed through first 10km mark in 25 minutes till we encountered a noticeable but none to challenging rise in road. Our accommodation at Punga Grove Motel was perfect and extremely comfortable and after a smooth check in we headed for nearest rather hot pools for a much needed and beneficial soak. For example, we arrived in Franz Joseph at 45pm so taking into account breaks we had taken merely three hours 40 minutes to complete the journey. Ok, and now one of most vital parts. As they stop todays blog clock has struck 6pm and we’re heading out for dinner… really civilised timing for a review. We passed 2 beautiful lakes on the way and although we continued to steadily climb it was well within our newest looked with success for physic abilities. Not horrible considering the gradual climb and given we were usually riding within ourselves to ensure we make it all the way to Bluff. At 22km we stopped for a refuel and snapped a couple of pictures with Mt Cook in background, scenery was both breath taking and inspiring.

Over top, two down one to go, and although hill three had identical elevation to hill 2 the incline was slightly more dramatic in places.

Rene and Denise caught up with us at the 25km mark and refilled our electrolytes for final 11km ride to Pine Grove. Now with our ever increasing fitness levels our recovery was so a lot quicker so we were prepared to leave Fox in 30 minutes for our afternoon leg to Pine Grove, in the first few months lunch stops were around a hour. For instance, we ground it out making the summit without stopping where Rene and Denise were waiting to provide a swift refuel until we relished a 5km speedy descent into Fox to savor a light lunch at the Hobnail café. It had been a pretty confronting ride completed in simply under two hours, phenomenal riding by Hospice Warriors that utterly impressed nearest mountain guides we met at our lunch stop. We deliberately rode first 20km rough covering it in 54 minutes, good speed considering 80percentage of the time we rode into a reasonable Southerly head wind.

This far down the West Coast it’s an enduring parade of Mother Nature at her finest, scenery was gorgeous all the way. They were seriously tasty whitebait fritters and provided perfect light afternoon nourishment to our tired bodies. Pine Grove Motels have been worth stopping in, notably for families on a budget, if you’re looking for really clean modest cabin accommodation when travelling down West Coast between Franz Joseph and Haast. There may be mandatory couple of glasses of wine over some reflection on in the latter days and planning for the day after tomorrow. Shortly afterwards Rene arrived at our unit with a massive plate of rather warm whitebait fritters prepared by Carol. A well-reputed fact that has been. Shortly after while Virginia was prepaying the account for the rooms Carol and David gave her an donation for Hospice unto they left… very true family spirit.

Sure enough around 5km from lookout we ran into a steep rise climbing 250m to the lookout, thatthatthatthatthatthat proved a big spot offering a stunning vista up and down rugged coast. There were a lot of tourists stopping at lookout and we struck up some conversations which resulted in a donation. Our ride and fundraising usually resonates with people, everyone around the planet sees how outstanding Hospice organisations are probably and big work they do globally. Our stop was mostly around 20minutes given speed of our recovery these weeks allied with the plague of sand flies driving us nuts. That’s interesting. Smoked salmon sandwiches were delicious and eagerly consumed by us all.

Our pleasant descent was shorter lived as we ran smack into a second and larger hill… it was tempting to get off the bike and walk but we’re hardened riders in our eleventh straight day of riding so we merely got into our shorter gears and kept riding until we reached for any longer way up. One more bloody hill, fortunately not as challenging as the previous 1 and when we crested the summit we understood that our mountain climbing obligations for this evening were complete. That’s it we flat, thought and downhill now riding through to Haast township circa 25km away… no!

It was a pretty straight forward 20km ride into Haast and we rode past beautiful Lake Moeraki en route.

We arrived outside of Haast Heliservices to be greeted by the lady who gave us the donation earlier and who was business part. Anyways, gave and car Denise a donation, while we were getting back on our bikes a woman stopped her got out. We were oblivious that she had told Denise to bring us to her business in Haast, 3km down road for something extraordinary. It is what a neat start to our day, how dam thoughtful from Sheri and it put us in a proper frame of mind to approach the tough ride ahead. Virginia had underin no circumstances, until that moment so it made it even more peculiar. Commonly, we will be sure we grab a picture with management until we leave as they generously donated our accommodation in recognition of our epic ride for Hospice. With that said, we snapped a couple of photos with Sheri and Scott and thanked them profusely preparatory to heading down the highway. Pilot Scott Rodgers went us South across relatively flat forest land and farms prior to making a sweeping right hand turn over the ocean then coming back in across Haast River prior to returning to base. Rene told us that we had to drop into a store in Haast and to stick with him.

With all that said… Sheri said she was so impressed with epic nature of our ride, thatthatthatthatthatthat was for such a good cause that she would like to give us a Helicopter ride by way of appreciation for what we were doing… spontaneous and unconditional generosity. That’s right! Whenever leaving just 489 to end line, another day down, 11 straight weeks of riding and 876km clocked up. You should make it into account. And therefore the wind although not fierce was definitely freshening so we were pleased with our decision to leave earlier and felt fairly strong as we arrived at Heartland World Heritage Hotel in Haast for our overnight stay.

We had planned to startour ride at 00am but by this stage it was 1030am and we had entirely gone 3km down road.

Sand flies were voracious and fortuitously we had our leg and arm warmers on so largely avoided bites. Our lunch plus, stop and for those reasons the need to move was confined to entirely 20 minutes. This is where it starts getting serious. Conversely Denise was getting got alive volumes irrespective of repellent she applied to herself. We were keen to make for lost time and rode pretty sophisticated to get to 35km mark in a hour and a half. We saw that 7km down the highway we would begin our climb over Haast Pass so were keen put that behind us. That’s where it starts getting interesting. After a brief refuel we rode onto to 50km mark at Pleasant Flat to have sandwiches and sweet treats for lunch that Denise and Rene had picked up in Haast.

It proved to be a challenging climb, cycle book said final two kilometres were toughest but not so!

We stopped there for a brief rest and to snap a few photos, and after refuelling our electrolytes we set out on our final 18km run to our accommodation at Makarora. Not really, all of a sudden we were climbing once more but fortunately it was fairly quite short and of moderate steepness… it was music to ones ears to hear Rene up ahead vigorously pumping his air horn announcing the summit stop line for awhile goal of riding up it all way, first two kilometres were pretty dam steep and unrelenting, we kept our heads down and rolled over pedals in lofty gear going nowhere. It was somewhat confusing as Pass finally levelled out followed by a couple of kilometres of relatively level riding and we thought we must have gone over the summit.

Riding down next side of Haast Pass was spectacular and well deserved for our ride up another side.

It was a faster and energy free 4kms of our remaining 18km ride. We were all feeling pretty whacked so appreciated mainly level ride through the Pass, a stunning valley coursed by the Haast River and surrounded by mountains on all sides. We headed straight to our accommodation for a quite hot shower and scrub in advance of commencing our much needed RR to get us in shape for the 75km ride into Wanaka the day after tomorrow where our first day off beckons after 13 straight weeks of riding. Commonly, at summit we had crossed from West Coast into Otago and strangely you could pretty fast sense the rearrangement in flora and key landscape… there were undoubtedly less sand flies. By the time we reached our cabin accommodation at Makarora we were buggered and so not have wanted to have gone one yard further.

From around 5km out of Makarora Lake Wanaka appeared on our right side and we followed it south for circa 30km before road cut left over the hill picking up the top of Lake Hawea. Moving down side has always been a wonderful reward for the rough climb but our joy is usually tinged with dread that what goes down must go up once more shortly. We were travelling down highway six as there were no off road options and traffic was constant though largely considerate. That said, from 20 through 45 kilometres hills got steeper and as this was our 13th straight day of riding, the lactic build up in our thighs coupled with our sore bums made the hills mentally confronting. Normally, although Virginia broken 60km earlier in the tour, tonight we set a newest team downhill speed record of 668km -my larger build gives me an advantage of Virginia and Tony in gathering speed on a downhill run.

The final few kilometres through Albert Town and round back of Wanaka to our accommodation were arduous, not tough in gradient terms, just that we were all spent physically. She popped by grabbed a couple of photos to go with a press release she had prepared and submitted them to nearest media in the hope they would get in behind ride… thank you from all of us Jacqui for our own support and efforts. Actually the rest day this evening in Wanaka could not was more welcome and needed. One more obligation unto we could sign off on the day. Yes, that’s right! Nearest Member of Parliament for Waitaki, Jacqui Dean, made contact and was eager to assist our cause.

Virginia and Tony had appointments at hotel spa for full body massages at 45pm and mine was for 6pm.

We have a second day off there where we hope to drum up neighboring support for our fundraising cause. It was pretty good to be in good Otago wine country, we had struggled to figure out a reasonable bottle of wine in bottom West half Coast to be frank and we weren’t being overly fussy. We all needed some self-assured TLC by now and while they were on the massage tables I went into Wanaka to purchase a couple of bottles of wine from the nearest wine shop. Needless to say, it might be three straight weeks of riding to get us to stop line in Bluff. That is interesting. In the later days we had broke through thousand kilometre barrier and will sense stop line always was close. Thanks to everyone and please spread the message as wide and far as you usually can. Now please pay attention. Newstalk ZB at 1115am tonight with Leighton Smith if you usually can tune into 1080am. Wanaka precedes our ride over Crown Range and down into Queenstown.

Perhaps ‘midApril’, currently we did not have any plans so after a highly late breakfast we headed out to Rippon Wines to catch up with Jo and Nick Mills and thank them for their generous donation of a Jeroboam of Rippon 2005 Pinot Noir, thatthatthatthatthatthat may be offered in our wine auction at a date TBC. Jo treated us to an individual tasting of current all Rippon releases of which we enjoyed them all… my particular favourite was the 2013 Rippon Emma’s Block. Remember, still with good energy, extremely fortuitously we were able to sample 2005 Rippon from 750ml bottle and it was in a beautifully developed state. Jo ushered us upstairs to taste a couple of back vintages of Rippon Pinot Noirs from their cellar stocks. Surely the three litre going up for auction may be a lot more youthful given the larger format, slower development so it is going to have enormous appeal.

We then ordered a selection of cheese and meat platters and Jo kindly treated us to a 2011 bottle Rippon Mature Vine Pinot Noir.

We were easing our way back into riding after a day off and appreciating a slower pace with more regular stops. From the time we left Wanaka we were often step by step climbing. We whiled away a hour in sun outside cellar door taking in the stunning vista over vineyards, across Lake Wanaka to impressive array of mountains surrounding it… merely beautiful way to unwind. Plenty of info may be searched with success for quickly by going on the web. Later that night we took locally before lights out around 00am to rest in preparation for our ride to Queenstown today. Crown Range summit 14km away. With a 776m difference in gradient it was often could be testing, wanaka has always been 300m above sea level and Crown Range summit is at 1076m. At 25km mark we pulled up outside the legendary Cardrona Hotel and popped inside for tea and coffee in the rear garden area.

The real moment of truth came around 3km from summit when the climb happened to be noticeably steeper and there was no respite around every corner. Then the vista from top is remarkable and extends through to Lake Whakatipu. Despite our tiredness we left nothing on the table, all 3 of us impressively rode every way inch to the summit, thatthatthatthatthatthat at 1076m is probably recorded as modern Zealand’s biggest sealed road above sea level. We kept our hands on the brakes under no circumstances letting our speed get above 30 35km and it was a relief when we turned right down a gravel road before bottom to link up with Tobin track that drops you down into Arrowtown. For example, the descent is incredibly steep in places with lots of switchbacks and sharp corners and at times the wind was so strong it threatened to topple you from the bike. While requiring the absolute concentration, riding down from summit in blustery winds was unnerving.

We enjoyed a much at, carbohydrate fuelled lunch and needed Taste Gibbston Valley located in basic street. Millbrook Resort and down famous Christine’s Hill. As a result, we rode track through to and over Shotover Bridge then took the Queenstown via Frankton route, thatthatthatthatthatthat required one more fairly sizable climb. Remember, it’s simple to lose time and focus in Arrowtown but we still had 27km to ride to Queenstown and our gutsy Crown ascent Range had definitely emptied our reserves.

after passing through the Frankton industrial and commercial area we hooked up with cycle/walking track that proceeds with lake edge right around to Queenstown for circa 8km. Way too steep to reckon riding and none too plain simple to walk up pushing our own bike. Furthermore, it probably was largely flat with a relatively smooth off road surface, thatthatthatthatthatthat were pretty welcome conditions for us to complete ride. One final obligation remained, to climb up xxx Road from the lake and it was bloody steep. Left or right once more into Hallenstein Street arriving at our accommodation at the ‘Historic Stone Cottage’ at 5pm… a large day manfully and womanfully completed with a rest day this night to look forward to… yeehah, once over top we turned left.

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