The Location Is A Big Plus: Prestige Silver Crest

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The actual question is. Is there any owner group for this community? It’s an interesting fact that the location is a big plus. Now look, the price was 4300 which is in same lines of sunnyside. It’s a well please let me know your thoughts. ID and similar I hv booked a flat in prestige silver crest yesterday.

Prestige Silver Crest. What do you think regardinh towers, can that be dangerous, am I correct? We can use that to share the emailID and similar in the event anybody is interested. Generally, teh price had been revised upwards at 4300+…. People are still buying it seems…yesterday i asked for availbility units and they told me 2 bedrooms are sold out and 3 bedrooms they gave me list of very few available units.

Remember, all i am wondering is it true that so many units or sold out or are they waiting to increase price again and release more units.

The main entrance road going to be constructed throughout the project.

For me the concern was the water, as appoach is just 200 mts from ORR.

since the general amount of flat is only 122 and no other significant projects near that area -water shouldn’t be a major issue. Accordingly the Food and Drug Administration states that, RF exposure on the ground is much less than exposure very close to the antenna and in the path of the transmitted radio signal. Sarjapur road which r dry. Fact, exposure to nearby residents will be well within safety margins. Therefore, there’s hope of cauvery water as pipeline is laid out at near by areas like Intel. Virtually, groundlevel exposure from such antennas is typically thousands of times less than the exposure levels recommended as safe by expert organizations.

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