We Didn’t Get An Agent Since We Weren’t Busy Any Year We Primarily Used Redfin To Search For Properties We Also Ok Advantage Of Taking Their Home Buying Classes To Learn About The Real Estate World

real estate My husband and I just bought our first home this past month.

Let me tell you how the process went for us!

We also think we got a great deal in this market and that our interest rate on our mortgage is excellent. Eventually, it seemed like a great process but we’re happy with our home and what we carried on with. We first started looking at homes about 2 years ago very casually just preparing to open houses on Sundays. It was a way to fill time, check the neighborhood, gauge what we might get for our money, and know that we will jump on something if it was perfect. They also gave us free dinner and drinks which was a great bonus. Notice, one of which I was most interested in as long as it was the right size and they just dropped the price $ 20000! Furthermore, the mortgage rates were almost at an all time low around 5 We decided to start looking online more seriously. Come March of this year I noticed that plenty of places that had been sitting on the market were begining to sell. Oftentimes places that were being put up on the market were selling within days!

real estate I scheduled a showing with an agent to see three places on a Thursday.

When my husband went in he loved it!

We decided to put in an offer that very night.

Generally, when we arrived two others were leaving the home and we were going in. I was crushed but we scheduled to see it again the next day anyways. Unfortunatly I did these showings by myself so since we left the house I hopped on the phone and ld my husband I thought I found our future home. Usually, I walked in and get wondering what was wrong with it. Later that night I showed him photos and he seemed like he didn’t like it.

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