Importance of Lease Agreement & Background Check

10 Things to Consider Before Signing an Lease Agreement

If you are a property renter, you really need to use a good agreement of lease form to protect your legal rights. Fortunately, it is easy to download lease agreement forms from the internet online, but this is not really enough. The lease agreement forms that you find online will generally be OK – they will cover all of the standard bases legally – but before you sign a contract, no matter what it is, you should contact a lawyer. This is doubly true if you are renting property. There is just no reason not to consult the legal guidelines of your area before finalizing your lease agreement. And you may learn something that you may have never thought of.

We have been renters for many years, so we definitely know when it comes to a matter of legal hassle. As a landlord, we have come across people who do not care about legal formalities. There were situations where we had to make them aware of all of their legal rights and obligations, and make sure that their lease assignment is perfectly fine, and that is no limitations. This is very much required & is very true in Bangalore. Even tough Bengaluru, is a very renter friendly city, but still as a landlord it is very hard to evict tenants, or even call them to account for violating the terms of their lease assignment. If we did not have one of the best assignments of lease in the business, it would be quite difficult for us about protecting our client’s investment, and this is a serous matter to us.

There is nothing more important that having a proper lease agreement done between the landlord a tenant. As a prerequisite you can start of with background check of the person who offers to be tenant of your apartment or house rental property. A background check is even better than a lease agreement for protecting a landlord, because it will allow you as a landlord to see if someone has proven to be trustworthy, and therefore a good renter in the past. No matter how good your lease agreement is, it is still better to make sure to have a good renter to begin with. It is just not worth the hassle of having to evict someone otherwise, and with legal costs and delays of months, it can really take the fun out of what is otherwise a lucrative business which requires little work. A smart landlord/owner of a rental property can be a lazy landlord, and will always be a rich landlord, so before you even look at lease agreements, make sure that you are renting to responsible trust worthy people.

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