Rental Property – Apparently Instead Of Being Zoned For Mixed Commercial And Residential It Was Commercial Only

My wife and I thought that we could save plenty of money on it, when we first decided that we were planning to build our own house.

Little did we know how difficult it would actually be.

By the way I figured that the lower cost of building a house should more than make up for it, it will take longer and be less convenient. I couldn’t reckon that it must be more expensive than buying one already on the market, By the way I knew that many factors influence the cost of a building. It seemed a lot more pragmatic and expedient to start from scratch, we contemplated buying a ‘fixerupper’ and remodeling. Just think for a moment. Me and my wife both have extremely specific needs and desires in our house, and we thought that if we built our own it my be a good method meet them. I’m sure it sounds familiar.

Most of us are aware that there are so many factors that go into the cost of building a house that it’s almost impossible to calculate ahead of time.

As long as we already had the materials ready on the site, the cost of building the house skyrocketed, consequently we had to come up with some way to store them.

Apparently, instead of being zoned for mixed commercial and residential, it was commercial only.

It turned out that we had been misinformed about the construction codes in the location that we were doing best in order to build a house in. So there’s also the time cost as well, not only is there the cost of building materials. Getting city permits, and similar. Normally, all in all, it was not a pretty scene. On p of that, in our case, the time cost was the biggest issue. So this meant that we had to go through a lengthy and involved process to get a building variance from the planning commission. Your home is your greatest investment, and you don’t look for to get people who will do a shabby job on it.

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