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Service Apartments In Bangalore For A Day At Cheaper Rates

Finding house for rent in Bangalore at cheaper rates has now become difficult. You can get many rented apartments or flats but they don’t come cheap. For a young person just starting out on their own they want to save money in any way they can. This means even sacrificing dinner at a fancy restaurant for roti and dal at home, wearing last year’s fashions this season and looking for service apartments in Bangalore for a day. There are some tips and tricks that can help anyone looking for an inexpensive place to live.

In Bangalore, Real estate costs seem to have skyrocketed in recent years. Not only the price of buying a home has increased but also rental costs are on the rise. Trying to find affordable apartments for rent can be a bit tricky but once you do you’ll be thankful for all the money you’ll save.

You need to do some thorough research of the area you want to live in. For instance if you have your heart set on living near M.G Road, the chances of you finding affordable apartments for rent there are very slim. Instead if you consider living in one of the neighborhood areas, perhaps near St.Marks Road or Hosur Road/Johnson Market, you are much more likely to find affordable apartments for rent. The only difference is that you’ll have a short commute to M.G Road and a lot more money left in your wallet each month. But if you really want to live in a posh locality to enjoy the lavish lifestyle then you can choose to stay in any of the service apartments in Bangalore for a day near Richmond or Brigade road.

The same is true of almost every city. There are usually areas within a municipality that are most expensive than others. If you want to live in the hub of a city, directly downtown, you should always expect to pay more than if you lived on the outskirts. Almost every city has affordable apartments for rent if you know where to look.

service apartments in bangalore for a day

Service Apartments in Bangalore for a day

Another good tip is to consider signing a lease as opposed to paying on a monthly basis. Many landlords will offer affordable apartments for rent if they know they are guaranteed an income for the next six months to a year. By agreeing to a lease you are in essence promising to stay as a tenant. Landlords also find this desirable because a trustworthy tenant can be difficult to find.

Consider splitting your monthly housing costs with others. If you only have enough to live in a studio apartment but you want something with more room, inquire about roommates. Some people advertise affordable apartments for rent because they are in need of a roommate. If you feel comfortable with the idea of sharing your living space with another, this is a fantastic way to save money while living in a great apartment.

It does take some time and effort to find a place to live that you both enjoy and can afford. It’s not impossible though, as there are many affordable apartments for rent all over. It’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you.

Today’s Featured Service Apartments in Bangalore for a day are:

1] Hotel Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites in Koramangala, Bangalore = We rate them 4.5 out of 5.
They charge in range of INR 4,000 – INR 5,500 per room for one single night. Upon request sometimes they offer an discount of 10% to 20% for couples. Quality of the room is very good. Food is cooked well, tasty & they offer good variety for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We loved our stay here.

2] Hotel Sherwood Suites, Marathahalli, Bangalore = We rate them 4 out of 5.
Ambience is good here. Rooms are clean, staff is friendly and food is tasty. Options are limited, but we loved the breakfast here. They charge INR 2000 per room per night. This is one of the best well maintained service apartments in Bangalore for a day

3] Hotel The Orchard Suites – Sankey Road, Bangalore – We rate them 3.5 out of 5.
If you are looking out for pleasant place to stay, then you must visit these kinds of service apartments in Bangalore for a day as it is situated near the famous Sankey tank and less traffic. They charge 2,000 Rs for a night per person. Staff is good and they prepare good food based on your choice.

4] Hotel Sterling Suites – Marathahalli, Bangalore = We rate them 3 out of 5.
They charge per room per night at very cheap rate of INR 2,000 – INR 2,500. Right now they are offering 10% discount for all customers. Room is well maintained but sometimes you need to tell the staff in order to clean the room, or else they might just ignore it. Food is ok with few options for both vegetarians & non-vegetarians.

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