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Real Estate Investment in Bangalore Vs Mumbai Market

Now that the middle classes in India flourish with plenty of highly paid jobs available, investments are necessary for your hard earned savings. Where exactly are these plush appointments? Primarily in the banking and information technology sectors! Particularly the multinational companies dole out fat checks with opportunities for training and working abroad too.

While high spending at the malls and the night clubs may be necessary to keep up with the times, careful savings on a monthly basis like in a recurring deposit would result in a neat package at the end of the year. Which bank? A series of banks crowd the marketplace like the State Bank of India unless you prefer the foreign stuff.

It may be some years of painstaking service though before a wallet of a few lakh rupees may be saved for the initial investment. A lot of care and diligence would be required to invest safely especially in real estate. Real estate fraud seems to be common in manipulation of documents and properties that are sometimes sold more than once.

Real Estate Investment

Long term investments would bring handsome returns but where? Most would say share markets but those are constantly changing from day to day and carry bitter risks. Gold prices plummeted from the soaring heights a few years ago. Regarding parking the money safely, fixed deposits in banks may be the safest but provide little by way of returns with around 9%. The private sector may offer more but is risk filled.

Investment in real estate would be the best bet particularly in Bangalore with a booming scenario. You have plenty of choices though like housing plots or farm land, apartment, house or building according to available finance. If you wish to buy a housing plot, be clear whether it is meant for ultimately building a dream home for yourself or merely as investment potential. If it is investment alone, the plot should be in one of the future prime localities the value of which would escalate tremendously with the years.

Yet still waters could be dangerous in the depths and real estate is not meant for everybody. A shrewd approach would be necessary and a head for money and business to maximize returns. Some sort of killer instinct is necessary to succeed at any business and real estate investment is a kind of big trade all right though there is no shop or showroom. The computer with an internet connection suffices for much commercial activity nowadays.

Yet haste is best avoided if real estate is your inclination. Study the newspapers and the online advertisements initially. You need some contacts in real estate too so as to avoid unnecessary tensions and possible risks since large sums of money would be involved eventually. Instalment payments take a lot of stress out of the investment scheme.

Search and you would find reputable real estate companies that have been on the national scene for decades like DLF. Trading with such companies would take the fear and worry out of the deals. What happens after some investment has been made with all the legalities and formalities? Now commences the long drawn out waiting period that would extend to several years at the least. Commercial property values do escalate very quickly but would require greater investments too. Real estate experts would be able to predict pretty accurately regarding the ups and downs of the market forces.

A bit of common sense would also apply. The construction of a shopping complex, bust stand or airport immediately raises the prices of property in the surrounding areas.

You would probably be spending weeks and months on researching the different areas of the city and the properties available. Don’t forget that Bangalore is the best real investment vehicle you could possibly find in India. Mumbai brings the highest real estate returns, higher than Bangalore too, otherwise the most favoured destination even for NRIs. What does Bangalore possess? One of the world’s top IT destinations that transformed the pensioners’ paradise into a global city.

A profitable real estate investment destination exists in other cities such as Mumbai too if you preferred that. The recent office and housing explosion especially around the several tech parks including the futuristic campus near the new international airport would provide splendid opportunities.

Yet Bangalore real estate is the safest best. Decide upon the amount you would invest and the time factor. Commercial property investment in Mumbai has been very lucrative in the past three years with prices going up five or six fold. Powai and Bandra Kurla are some of those locations that would yield gold. Suburbs across Mumbai and Thane are best bets too for sensational real estate investment.