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Affordable House For Rent In Bangalore City

When I was a kid, it was my dream to live in a house in a big city such as Bangalore. Sometimes I’d imagine it as a castle or a palace of a king, and some times I would think of it as a small hut type of a house in a humble village at country side. Although my family would rent apartments and move from town to town, somehow in my childhood mind I knew that one day I would be truly wealthy. I would rent real estate anywhere I chose, living in Bangalore one year and in the Mumbai the next.

For many years, my dream of finding affordable house for rent in Bangalore was frustrating. I simply didn’t have the money for a city house to rent. My vacations – if you could call them that – were two or three day affairs involving the Best Western at best, but more often cheap, fleabag hotels. I still dreamed of a city house to rent, so that i can go there and make some real big time money and I was working extremely hard to get to the level of economic prosperity where I could afford such indulgences. Unfortunately, success seemed miles away.

affordable houses for rent in bangalore

Six months seems like a long time when you are 19, and a year seems like an eternity. In retrospect, I am glad that I waited before wasting money on apartments or houses to rent and other such luxuries. Finally after a long time I could take a vacation in a country house with minimal rent without worrying about whether I would have enough money left over to pay from rent the next month. In about five years, I was really making it big time. I wouldn’t say that I was fabulously wealthy like in my dreams, but I was very comfortable and living in a house that was more than big enough for my wife and I. When we went on our first vacation to country houses to rent in Bangalore, I was like a child again. I was overjoyed to be able to live my dreams.

Unfortunately, when you find homes on rent basis, there are many household things that you tend to miss out. The affordable houses to rent that we stayed in at first looked good on paper, but they had a host of problems. They were drafty, slightly mildewed, and all in all a bit the worse for wear. Nonetheless, although my wife was not completely happy with the accommodations, I was ecstatic. I was so involved in the fact that I was living my dreams that I didn’t even notice some of the bad drawbacks of living in a city that too on a rent of huge amount. But it does not really matter as i make much more money staying in a city than in my hometown village.