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Rental Agreements & Rental Agreement Format

Despite all of the warnings I have ever gotten, it seems that I have trouble time and time again with rental agreements. Perhaps it is just the people I choose to rent from, but it seems that every time I move out and in to a new place I get a whole new set of problems. I can’t wait until the day when I can finally buy my own house so I don’t have to rent from anyone else ever again.

Always make sure to read over the terms & conditions of rental agreements for any rental houses in Bangalore. It looks like none of us read them well enough. There always seems to be some catch of which I am not aware, and that catch always seems to cost me a lot of money. I know they say you should always have a lawyer look over any type of rental agreements, but who has the time or the money for that? I know when I am ready to move I want to get it over with, and I certainly don’t have the money to pay some lawyer to read over the agreement. I think next time I will though.

Rental Agreement

Rental Agreements & Rental Agreement Format

Most of the problems I have had with my rental agreements have been after we have moved out. We had one landlord who took advantage of a family tragedy. When we had to move out we followed the instructions on the rental agreements as to how to leave the home. She walked through the home with my husband and told us that everything was great, and that she would refund our deposit within a week.

She never did it. She knew that we had to move an hour away and that because of what was going on with our family, she knew that we would not have the time or the inclination to take her to court. She got to keep our money, and I vowed that would never happen again. When signing any rental agreements it is important to understand everything, and no matter how kind someone seems to be, know that when it comes to money you cannot trust anyone. Get a receipt, and get it all in writing. There are those that will take advantage of your trust, and when it comes time to part company you will find that you never really knew them to begin with, and that your trust was misplaced.