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The hours are good, I’m quite sure I get summers off, and I’m teaching topics that I enjoy teaching.

i am on a slow track to changing that career. Burned out is the right way to describe it, and I totally agree with it being the school culture, and stuff I probably could’ve stayed longer if the culture had been different. My hope is that I’ll be able to change my career completely in the next 510″ years. While teaching provides the financial security I need as a 49 year old single dad, m slowly working into a writing career. Actually, today I released my second book, At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy, @ http. Perhaps even retire early. Indeed, So it’s a joyous thing to be free!

Luckily, my husband got out before me and cheered me generally speaking way. Facing fear really saved my life. Now we are living a life we really love. Now let me tell you something. Thank you for sharing your powerful story! When we finally confront what’s keeping us from changing a whole new brighter vista awaits, as you suggest.

Spot on Sarah.

You know that you have the parachute of confidence which will make the landing smooth wherever Undoubtedly it’s. Its been a 6 year journey doing many things that I love and letting go of always needing to know what’s next. Keep reading. Undoubtedly it’s always, a big decision. Almost like jumping over a cliff not knowing where will you land. Very good read that was. Thanks for writing.

English degree in 2005 but are working in the restaurant industry for awhile being that it has paid better than what most of the jobs in the writing field offer.

Seeming how I still need to pay the bills, I’m almost sure I don’t know how to make the leap or really where to leap to in the first instance. Still so many questions, inspired by your post. It has left me feeling unaccomplished, drained, and stuck. The question is. Any suggestions on how to get out of the restaurant industry and into something I love while still making ends meet? That’s where it starts getting serious. This makes me think that one would have to be supported by somebody else while they are pursuing that career, that is not my situation. Things I am passionate about, is unstable career choices without defined paths.

It’s been a while since you have posted but you literally described my current situation. Hope all is well. It’s a well the fear of poverty We just got out of debt, and I’m thinking of leaving my job, is that the case? As a result, the fear of loss of prestige and the lost years sunk their claws into me as well, and kept me in a most dreadful place for nobody really talks about -disappointing others.
Every time I need to divorce accounting, a notorious great opportunity shows up. Your writing is awesome. Every time I quit a job, another opportunity should show up so I fall back into accounting. It is being able to read the fears makes it a great deal more clear and real for me. Then, thanks for laying out all the fears I’ve also been facing! Surely it’s next to impossible to admit that, even to this day. It’s logical, easy to understand, and conveys strong messages. To be honest I fall back into working and feeling miserable again.

After eighteen years in the wrong job I did just like you Sarah and quit. Good for you on following your heart -it takes guts! Consequently, what about necessity, this is the case right? Now almost any day is filled with excitement about what the future holds. I have not slept so well in years -so that speaks volumes, Don’t get me wrong loads of us know that there is fear there also.

Thank you for this beautiful post.

Thank you for sharing it with us. It is this post was a much needed reminder of why I am doing what I am doing. That’s a fact, it’s so a problem to hear other people giving advice attempting to tell you what to do when Surely it’s like well it’s my life.

I know it’s ‘I’ who has to make the change and you’re right fear is the reason of not making the first step but I realised I must overcome my fear and move forward and gradually that’s what I’m doing one step at a time. There’s simply something else we need more, sometimes we really like our careers. It does takes time and I must learn to push myself and get out of my comfort zone and see myself failing to win! Usually, you bring up a decent point. Now look. Congrats on your second book! That said, it’s not always the careers we hate that we look for to leave.

This is amidst the toughest decisions for anyone.

Leaving security to risk taking on the unknown. It’s the toughest decisions for anyone. It’s something I’m in the middle of doing myself! Usually, thanks for sharing your insights around changing career paths. Thanks for sharing your insights around changing career paths. Leaving security to risk taking on the unknown.

It’s something I’m in the middle of doing myself!

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