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Dania was the perfect host.

The property was always really way it described and shown in the pictures. The property is centrally located and pretty available for everything that was usually required. Mahesh and his wife have usually been around for any help and supported us in every manageable way. Mahesh was a big host and has made us feel like home. Our stay was wonderful, my whole family respected place. Dania too a break from work to walk me to her place and spent some time giving me information on directions to market and restaurants if i needed something. Considering the above said. We were usually definitely looking forward to stay here once again. Now please pay attention. It’s a well-known fact that the apartment was clean with a futon bed and located in a pretty nice neighborhood.

Dania’s apartment in the last minute as there was no hotel rooms accessible nearby on that day.

She was highly courteous and helpful throughout my stay. So apartment was clean, room was cozy and futon bed was excellent enough for me. Oftentimes dania was a good host and i admired our morning conversations over a cup of grey tea and cookies. She has always been from Romania but understands more about India and Bangalore city than most Indians which probably was pretty impressive. So it’s centrally located in an upmarket residential neighbourhood and has probably been within walking market distance. With that said, the position is quiet and peaceful.

We stayed at Pan Home south for eight weeks from 27th April thru 3rd May 2016 and we enjoyed every stay moment. Incredibly polite and non interfering host, has majority of suggestions for places to consume and drink. Oftentimes quite peaceful yet available location. Pan Home, henceforth will be our first choice in Bangalore a great deal of thanks to Mr. Remember, mahesh airbnb Lovely house with everything one practically needs. With all that said… Mrs. Normally, rupa made us feel at home.

Good neighbourhood and good host.

Would definitely come back! However, the apartment is always really clean and tidy and nothing to fault at all. Think for a moment. Tomo for being a fantastic host. Tomo was pretty welcoming and an amazing host. Seriously. Listing was precise.

Dear Dania and Anil, Thanks for big help while my staying. Apartment was comfortable and clean. Look forward to seeing you once more in near future. Yes, that’s right! Dania is always full of useful information on what to do around here. Although, we had a lucky minutes and pleasant chat even time was probably rather short. Surely it’s wonderful journey for me. Good quiet neighborhood. Much appreciation for our own consideration.

Dania was a perfect host.

Rama’s place. It was a warm stay at Mrs. It’s an interesting fact that the place has been really readily obtainable and extremely, really homely. Her place was comfortable, as and likewise warm described in her ad. She had taken good arrangements care usually but kept checking with me few times if everything always was fine and if we need anything more. So. Venkatraman were probably interesting intelligent people to converse with. It isit’s a straightforward, ‘no frills’ accommodation maintained clean. You should get this seriously. Will definitely consider her place for a future stay. She went to good lengths to make my stay comfortable. Essentially, staying at her place was practically like a second home.

We shared interesting conversations on the primary education in India and how she has probably been making an impact through her community entrepreneurship.

Therefore the first thing that impresses you when you enter house has been Tomo’s warm nature. They took their time but acquire 9AM we were done with breakfast and all missing towels, soap and shampoo were provided to us. There’s no doubt you’ll feel fortunate about conversing with Tomo. Needless to say, thank you. Hope to visit once more. Better, C We arrived in Bangalore later than predicted at 15 AM. Then once again, house is incredibly clean, safe and likewise spacious. Stay in touch. That’s right! Rooms were clean, all facilities except ‘onpremise’ Parking were reachable. Loads of information could be looked with success for readily by going on web. My stay was enjoyable overall. Mostly, she has some good suggestions. Admired aura and ‘uniquestyled’ windows/balcony. The locality is calm with plenty of trees. Staff was simply coming in for morning shift and was slow to respond. Bangalore with their pet. This is always a nice place to stay. While caring or even cool, tomo always was an excellent host -kind.

Neighbourhood of the house the neighbourhood usually was quite lively. The fan above bed, complementary ‘mosquito repellent’ and window screens ensures Bangalorean mosquitoes can’t sting you. There’s multiple restaurants for unusual budgets and a mall with a cinema less than 6 minutes by foot. However, still, the room itself is quiet and feels like a retreat from bustle of Bangalore. The host Rama is extremely kind and caring which will make room suitable for shorter and, in my case or longer stay! I know that the temperature in room was probably gentle and even during day.

Dania has been a wonderful host.

The space was usually conveniently located and I am grateful that it all worked out so well. So space usually was actually clean, furnished or neat. That said, she helped me to ground myself in the neighboring neighborhood and we shared meals and chai together. It was a decent balance betwixt maintaining my own liberal schedule and having time to connect with her and have someone to share my months with. It is she helped me to ground myself in the regional neighborhood and we shared meals and chai together. Bangalore studying yoga. The space is merely clean, furnished or neat. Bangalore studying yoga. Dania is a wonderful host. Thank you! Thank you! The space is conveniently located and I am grateful that it all worked out so well. It was a decent balance between maintaining my own liberal schedule and having time to connect with her and have someone to share my weeks with.

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