Whitefield Is Probably Reputed To Be The Second Most Preferable Destination For Tech Giants But Till 1882

Popularly called home to ‘Bangalore University’, Nagarbhavi is probably another well known suburb in the city.

Short hillocks surrounding Nagarbhavi make it look like a well, locals likewise believe, the position got its name due to its ‘well like’ shape and form. So word ‘Naga’ in Kannada means ‘Snake’ and ‘Bhavi’ means ‘Well’, and thence name ‘Well of Snakes’. Now look, the massive number of snakes looked for in this region of Bangalore got it the name. By the way, the ‘H’ in the name stands for Hosur, ‘S’ ‘R’ stands for Sarjapura Road, Hosur and Sarjapura Road, this locality got its name as BTM Layout got its name. Among fastest growing suburbs in the city, HSR Layout in Bangalore has been an ideal residential area and was once a Agara part Lake.

Koramangala has usually been one such destination that attracts everyone Whether quite old to Bangalore,, or newest! When it has probably been about how this locality got its different scholars, well researches and name has put exclusive theories. Located in the Southern city part, its name when translated into nearest language says ‘Victory City’. Most relevant or acceptable theories state that ‘Kora’ in Kannada means ‘overhaul’ and ‘Mangala’ means ‘Welfare’. While electrifying and likewise delicious eateries places to hang out with family and acquaintances, this hub in Bangalore has created a niche for itself, jotted with exuberant shopping malls. Prominent to be amongst the wellplanned residential neighbourhood in whole of Asia, Jayanagar usually was a huge shopping destination in Bangalore.

Big commercial hub during the 70s and 80s, Basavanagudi is amongst oldest localities in Bangalore.

Till 1882, this Garden portion City was hardly inhabited! Of course, in nearest language, ‘Basava’ means ‘bull’ and ‘Gudi’ means ‘temple’ and hence the name ‘Basavanagudi’. Here, what we see Whitefield now, got its name from skin textures of its then residents! Whitefield is always prominent to be second most preferable destination for tech giants, right after lectronic City. In fact, in the following year, the then ruler of Mysore, His Highness Chamaraja Wodeyar IX donated some portion of this region to Eurasian and Anglo Indian Association. Located near the Jayanagar, this suburb in Bangalore got its name from sacred ‘Bull Temple’ that has a monolith structure of ‘Nandi’.

Rajagopalachari or ‘Rajaji’ was prominent and influential freedom fighters from Tamil Nadu. Not simply this, he served as first ‘non British’ origin Governor common of India. Rajajinagar got its name from this good freedom fighter and has now happen to be one of huge hubs in Bangalore.

Of course the winding roads covered with trees, that’s where I want to be! Titles like World Trade Centre and Orion Mall adds more glamour to this locality.

Wishing everyone a fortunate Independence Day!

Hoping you look for our own independence with Zoomcar. Later in 90s, it was renamed as Sadashivanagar in honour of the good the honour Kannada freedom fighter and philanthropist Karnad Sadashiva Rao. Till the 60s and 70s, this area in Bangalore served as the summer destination for the Wodeyar kings of Mysore and was famous as ‘Palace Orchards’.

amongst most bustling vicinities in Bangalore, Banashankari was probably as well the largest locality in city. Among most bustling vicinities in Bangalore, Banashankari has usually been in addition largest locality in city. Nonetheless, origin of Banashankari’s name comes from ‘Banashankari Amma Temple’ that usually was located on Kanakpura Road and is oldest temples in city. So, origin of Banashankari’s name comes from ‘Banashankari Amma Temple’ that is always located on Kanakpura Road and has always been the oldest temples in the city. Cossetted by areas like others, Jayanagar, ISRO Layout, Kumarswamy Layout besides Nagar, it lies betwixt Mysore Road and Kanakpura Road. That said, cossetted by areas like others, Jayanagar, ISRO Layout, Kumarswamy Layout and Nagar, it lies betwixt Mysore Road and Kanakpura Road.

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